S E M I - A B S T R A C T E D  
           S P I R I T E D   L A N D S C A P E      
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Early in my youth I developed a love for drawing. Everyday objects, faces and scenes would inspire me to draw and revealed to me a place of total contentment. Originally from Ottawa, I moved to Toronto to study at OCAD. Working for 20 years as a graphic designer and running my own studio has proven to be the training ground that developed a strong work ethic and a solid tool box. The designer in me loves simple shape and bold colour while the painter in me explores light, rhythm and personal connection. I continue to play with a careful balance between my intellectual and intuitive self.

When I travel I take hundreds of photographs which I use as reference for the authentic details in my work. I carefully design and draw out my painting on a dark ground colour before I start to paint. Whether I am painting a portrait, a stunning Canadian landscape or an urban street scene in Europe, my goal is to reveal the lifeforce of my subject.

While Henri Matisse said, “I don’t paint things. I only paint the difference between things, my goal is to capture “the thing about the thing.” In so doing, I attempt to capture the sentient quality of all forms around us. I hope that my work is both relatable and familiar to my audience.